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We believe everyone should be able to record, edit, and share video online effortlessly.

In 2020 our founder Jaydan Urwin launched Screen Recorder, a free screen recording tool based completely in the browser. It was launched on Product Hunt and won the #2 product of the day. After about a year of hearing how much people appreciated the tool but wished for more we decided to get to work on something bigger.

Our goal with Snipclip is to change the way people work with video. Video tools for both recording, streaming, and editing video are difficult to learn and difficult to use. We think that should change. We think recording or streaming should be as easy as clicking a button. What if creating a high-quality video for YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook didn’t have to take hours of work? What if you didn’t have to download special software, manually add devices one-by-one, copy and paste tokens, spend 100s of hours watching tutorials… well you get the point.

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