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Hello World, We're Snipclip! (Previously Screen Recorder)

Hi there! Welcome to our very first of many blog posts. I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself and Snipclip first before we just start posting here. My name is Jaydan Urwin and I’m the founder of Snipclip. If you want to learn more about me feel free to check out the about page on my personal website or follow me on social, I’d love to chat! But this post isn’t about me, it’s about this product I’m building and how I hope it can help others.

How did it start?

Snipclip is a suite of web-based video tools that help you to do things like record your screen for short clips to friends or coworkers, tutorials, YouTube videos, etc. It started as a simple screen recorder app named…Screen Recorder (creative, I know) back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. I made Screen Recorder because I knew everyone was working from home and along with that comes the need to show someone what is on your screen easily since they can’t just look over your shoulder like you can in an office.

I knew there were already some products out there that let you do this like Loom but those tools all required you to install a Chrome Extension or a desktop app. I didn’t want that requirement even for myself so I decided to build something that works without installing anything.

I posted it on Product Hunt and I was shocked to see it won #2 product of the day. After maintaining it for a year I checked Google Analytics and saw there were still thousands of people using it on a daily basis. I sent out a quick survey to see what they were using it for and it ranged from work videos (the original purpose) all the way to YouTube videos and video game recording. This got me thinking that I could turn Screen Recorder into something more.

Shortly after, I sent out another survey and asked which features people would want to see added. The #1 most requested feature was the ability to see your webcam while recording the screen. Naturally, this is the first major feature I’ve launched Snipclip with on the Snipclip Record tool and I think it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Our Vision

I’m working on so much more and can’t wait for everyone to try it out but ultimately I want to get across the point that this isn’t an app I’m building to turn into a multi-million dollar business. I’m building it because I’ve experienced first hand how difficult and expensive it can be learn and pay for video tools. They require expensive machines, ridiculous subscription prices, numerous hours of training to get a decent result, and I’ll be honest many of them just aren’t fun to use. I think that should change and that’s why I’m making Snipclip. We will have a newsletter soon so keep your eyes peeled for that but for now I would say to follow us on Twitter or Instagram to stay in the loop.

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