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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Snipclip exist?

We believe **everyone** should be able to record, edit, and share video online effortlessly.

What is Snipclip?

Snipclip is a suite of video tools. Currently, we have Snipclip Record and Snipclip Convert available but we are working quickly to release others.

What is Snipclip Record?

Snipclip Record allows you to easily record your screen, camera, or both simultaneously. These recordings can be used for online tutorials, education, showing rather than telling a friend or coworker what is happening on your screen, etc. The best part of the Record tools is that works completely in your browser locally on your machine, meaning there are no downloads, chrome extension installs, or account signups required. It downloads a .webm file

Why does it download a .webm file?

This is the file format the browser uses to natively create recordings. It is a modern video format meaning not every video editing application supports it; however, it is very widely supported in chat apps, YouTube, social media sites, etc.

How do I get a .mp4 file?

We thought you’d never ask! We made Snipclip Convert specifically for this reason. If you need a .mp4 file for wherever you’re trying to edit or send your recordings you’re not out of luck. Simply upload the .webm file you created in Snipclip Recorder, click the convert button, and just like that you have a .mp4 file.

Sidenote: It is using some pretty cutting edge web features though so it isn’t supported on all browsers quite yet.

Why doesn’t Snipclip work on my phone?

Since Snipclip is using cutting edge desktop browser features not all of them are available on browsers for mobile phones. The good news is that we are working on a mobile app for both iOS and Android. If you’d like to join the private beta for that when it is released you can sign up here.

Why is my browser not supported?

For the same reason mobile browsers are not yet supported you might notice not all desktop browsers are supported. We support the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Brave. Of the major browsers Apple’s Safari would be the most widely used that does not have the features available for Snipclip to work properly.

Is it really free?

Yes! We are working on some features that will end up having to be paid because of cloud costs; however, we want to offer as much as we possibly can for free.

Is there a maximum recording length?

Nope! Just as long as you have the storage avalailable on your computer you can record as long as you’d like.

Are there watermarks?

Also nope! We don’t want someone else’s logo on our videos so we figure why should we force you to?

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